Why Sydney has been my Dream Destinations

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Travelling is always fun. Its such a pleasure travelling to a dream destination like Sydney in one of my favorite Singapore Airlines. When I hear the name Sydney the things that come to my mind is the Opera House and Harbour bridge.  These two places  have been landmarks of Sydney. 

But there are quite a lot of vantage points about Sydney that still remain remnant for anyone who is not a Sydneysider. Sydney just like New York or Mumbai is one of the most hustling cities. Yet there is no compromise for merrymaking.

So here is why I love to travel to Sydney

Beaches :

Australia is blessed being a continent and a country by itself. Its an huge mass of island that is entirely surrounded by oceans and seas which beautifies every city near the shores. For someone living in Sydney, Beaches are one of the staple places to visit in summers. With over 70 beaches in Sydney one can visit one new beach in each day of their vacation.

Varied Culture : 

There are so many cultures in Sydney. Since the Sydney's immigrant population is more than the Sydney's own population, you can spot people from almost all countries around the world. 

Loving People :

People are so friendly and loving then you know you are in Sydney

Multilingual Shops :

Shopping is one of an indispensible event in any trip or tour. Name any famous shop and u will have it in Sydney. Right from huge malls to small scale vendors, Sydney is filled with numerous shops.

Convenience of travel :

Being in Sydney, you can travel by almost any means you love. Buy a Opal card and you can use it in Sydney Buses, Trains or even Ferry's. If you are a cycle lover, you can even hire a bicycle for around $10 per hour, and roam around the city. Walking is usually my favorite means of transport as I'm a photo lover, it gives me a wide scope for clicking numerous pictures. 

Coffee & Yogurt :

Coffee shops are so famous like many other cities. I love having a sip of coffee from gloria jeans when ever i go out. Unlikely, yogurt shops are also very intrinsic in this city. Yogurberry is most famous and a must visit place where people crowd to eat varied flavored yogurt 

Nature everywhere :

Sydney is such a blessing with nature's glory. Who will not love mild mist, greenery, birds chirping, mountains, falls and cool breeze cuddling you and curling up your hair. Being in such places is definitely a visual treat.

Festival happenings and celebrations :

There is always something or the other happening in the City. Vivid Sydney, New Year Eve, Food carnivals, Cherry blossom festival, Anzac Day, Sydney's Crystal Show, Engadine street festival, Sydney color-run and the list continues. All throughout the year fun and celebration is always here.

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