Cherry Blossom Festival 2016 - Visit Japan In Sydney, Australia

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Cherry Blossom is a festival celebrated in Japan usually between the months of March to May. This is the time when the Japanese Cherry trees or Sakura start flowering Cherry Blossoms. Japanese organize "hanami" meaning "flower viewing".  Such a similar festival is also organized in Australia Sydney at Auburn Botanical Gardens. Celebrating this Japanese festival in Sydney has a periodic history which you can find in wiki.

This year i have been there, and the experience is wordless. There was no parking problem on streets as the entire suburb was residential and had wide streets. It was such an amazing day. The complete sight was filled with pink flowers, Japanese people, peacocks, birds, small animals, a mini pond, small waterfall and hilly regions. I wish to take you all a ride into this festival through my pictures.

 When you are in Sydney , in the month of August, Don't miss out this Pink Festival. Also note that there would be a 5$ entrance fee. This can also be purchased online or in the garden entrance.

I know you saw the first 5 pictures and scrolled to the bottom. Boring to sit and scroll through all the pictures ???? I've made your work easy. Check out this as a video in a single click, with over 30 pictures in just 3 minutes.

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Location Details:

Auburn Botanical Gardens
Chiswick Road Auburn

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