Curry Leaf Powder For Hair Loss and Anaemia

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Curry Leaf Powder For Hair Loss & Anemia

Hi lovelies! I know if you are reading this post then definitely you are a Rapunzel lover or you want to increase your hemoglobin. I know its definitely annoying if your comb if left out with huge strands or hair. And we have this periods that drain our hemoglobin every month. Uffff....Don't Worry !. Here is a simple home remedy for all these girly issues.

Curry leaf is the most effective Indian herb that we Indians use it in almost all cuisine. This not only aids in hair growth but also prevents anemia. Curry leaf is rich in proteins fiber which help in stimulating hair growth. It is also rich in iron for increasing hemoglobin. It repairs damaged hair follicles from heat and chemicals and makes hair black and thick.

So here is how you make it.

1. Wash the curry leaves and sun dry them

curry leaf

2. In a pan fry the curry leaves till crispy and set aside till it cools. 

3. If you are using this for hair recipes, then grind it separately without any additional ingredients.

4. For edible powder, fry little urad dhal / Black gram, 1 red chilli, little tamarind.

curry leaf powder - ingredients

5. Fry all till it reaches golden brown color.

6. Then grind all the ingredients together, along with little salt and hing powder into a fine powder

7. Store it in an air tight container

curry leaf powder

You can have this powder with rice. And along with a pappad and curd this forms a herbal delicacy.

Note : The Shelf life of this powder is about 6 months. You need to store it in a refrigerator in an airtight container.

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