How to Add your Website to Google Search Console / Find your Google Webmaster Verification Code For SEO

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Find Google Webmaster Verification Code

Previously, i have written an elaborate post for how to insert Search Engine Optimization Code - SEO for your Blogger Blog. I had also provided a full detailed code, along with other additional details of how to fill up your details into the SEO Code. 

As a continuity, in this post, I will elaborate how to get your Google Webmaster Verification Code for Blogger. This method will also work for WP users i believe, as I'm not a WP user, I'm not much aware of it. I will also guide you in adding your website to google search console. Lets get started...!

Step 1 : Go to this link Google Webmaster and log into your google account.

Step 2 :  Click On Add Property. Here I have already added my this blog, hence to show im adding my blog 2. Note that you can also add any site with any extension. It is not necessary to add just custom domains to the search console.

Google Webmaster Verification Code

Step 3: Add your website link in the shown place as below, and click "Add".

SEO for Blogger

Step 4:  In the next page, from the list of verification methods click on HTML Tag option

Google Webmaster Verification Code

Step 5: 

Option 1- If you already have a SEO code inside your template, and want to insert only your GWV code, copy the highlighted text, after the content. Copy without the double quotes, and place it in the desired area. To know where to place in your SEO code check my prev post.

Option 2- Now if you just want to verify your website over the google search console, copy the entire tag <meta name= ............. "/> and place it in the <head> section of your blog's template

After Performing Option 1 or Option 2, Click Verify.

Google Webmaster Verification Code

Step 6: Once you have verified your site, you will see the below message, and you will also receive a "verification success" message in your designated google email inbox

Google Webmaster Verification Code

Repeat the same steps to add in other blogs / websites. Also you can add in the same blog without www as in the first pic. Do Comment in case you have any queries.


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Hi there,
I was really looking for a detailed step by step guide to do this because I was really confused about doing this.
Thanks a lot, buddy.
Keep posting good stuff. Cheers.


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