Make Rose Water at Home - DIY Toner, Cleanser, Makeup remover, Hair Mask

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Hello Everyone, 

Hope you are all doing well. There are are few products that we love to get from certain brands, even than we make at home. But there are few things that no store bought product can replace home made produt. One such thing can be rose water. Store bought rose water can contain plenty of other ingredients apart from rose. Some times they can be just few drops of rose essence rather that being pure. 

DIY Rose Water

Everyone will love having a perfect skin care regime  at their budget price. This pink Rose water can be a very basic product that can be suitable in all of your skin care regime. They can act multipurpose as a skin toner, face mist, makeup cleaner, skin cleanser or for hair mask and hair spray.

Lazy to read??  Scroll to the bottom for video option.

You will need

* 4 roses
* 1 glass of hot water
*  A spray bottle or a storage container

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                                      Remove Black Spots & Acne Marks

Here is how you make it

1. Take 4 roses, and separate the petals. I have taken paneer rose or the one that we used to make gulkundh. You can take any variety of rose as you prefer. But this variety gives more fragrance and color than the others.

DIY Rose Water

2. Add the rose petals into a jar. Meanwhile prepare one glass of hot water. Make sure it is very hot.

DIY Rose Water

 3. Add the boiling hot water to the rose petals, If the water is not very hot, you can add rose petals to the boiling water and boil for 5 mins.

DIY Rose Water

4. Leave it for 15 mins, you will now see rose petals tend to fade, and the water turning pinkish.

DIY Rose Water

5. Once cooled, Filter the water from the jar into a spray bottle

DIY Rose Water

DIY Rose Water

6. You can store it in a refrigerator, in any airtight container.

DIY Rose Water

DIY Rose Water

Now you have your favorite DIY Home Made Rose Water. This option can be the
cheapest that works much better than store bought.

Shelf Life will be around 6 months. But i recommend you making small quantities so that it is fresh and more effervescent.  Give the spray bottle a good shake before using it every time. 

Here is a video mode of the above DIY.

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