Carrot Sandwich - Kids Snack-box recipe

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Evening is the time when you and your tongue start craving for some yummy crunchy flavored snack. Something spicy, tangy is all one wants by around 4pm. Especially when you are at home your cravings increase. But usually this snack is the killing element of your weight gain and obesity.

So here is a healthy option without compromising on the taste part... Carrot Sandwich.

Watch video to learn how to do

Here is a detailed recipe with step by step pictures.

Step 1 : Take multi grain bun since it is healthy i have taken this option. you can use any bun or bread of your choice.

Step 2: Add grated carrots, onion, cheese, pepper powder and salt. Optional - you can add green chilli's or any other vegetables.

Step 3: Grill it in a sandwich maker for 2 mins.

Enjoy with tomato ketchup

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