Dry Nuts Burfi - Recipe

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Kaaju katli is an all time favorite sweet of mine. But this diwali i dared to try a sweet with my own recipe. I made dry nuts burfi and was so happy with the end results. It was not only healthy but yummy too. Visitors who came to my home during diwali almost ate atleast 8-9 pieces per head. After that i had so many requests to give in the recipe. So here it goes.

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Detailed Recipe with pictures :

Step 1: Dry roast cashew-nuts pistachio and almond separately. I have taken 2 cups of cashew, half cup of pistachio, half cup almonds

Step 2: Blend the cashew powder and other nuts powder separately.

Step 3: For making Cashew sheet, take 1/4th cup of sugar, boil in little water until u get one string consistency.

Step 4: Add in the cashew powder and boil at sim, till it forms a dough.

Step 5: Repeat the same process with pistachio almond powder

Step 6: After cooking for 10 mins, kneed the cashew dough, till it is smooth. You need not add oil or ghee since the cashew itself will emulate its oil.

Step 7: Divide the dough into two parts and roll separately

Step 8: Spread pistachio almond dough between the 2 cashew sheets and roll gently.

Step 9: Make pieces and serve.

Note: Since i dint add any milk to the product, it will definitely last for about a week, You can also add in a little milk if the dough is rough, but the shelf life will be around 3-4 days. I always keep my nuts burfi refrigerated as it helps to maintain the shape and texture.

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