About Me

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I am what I am
This is what I know up-to-the-day

Extremely Talkative
Sometimes extremely silent
Budding Blogger
Tyro Photo Klicker
Juvenile Dreamer
Putterer Poem Writer
Jejune Sketcher
This is what I know up-to-the-day

I live in My Own little World
With Little own Dreams
Figuring Happiness in Small Things

I am
Playful,  Mummy's Girl
Brainy,  Daddy's Girl
Insane Childish Girl
Naughty Little Laisse
Second to None
Jack of all Trades,  Master of None

All my Trades began by Jan 2013
Partially Flinging off my Studies
Crawling into my Career
Creeping into my Partner-Search

Took 23 yrs to figure out about myself
Still getting down to brass tacks..,!

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